Visit your Trailer Parts Store before taking your Boat off your Yard

Summer brings brand new bright days to have fun in the sun, or on a lake; before you go boating though, make sure that your vessel is all set to take sail. Too often, even die-hard boat enthusiasts neglect to check their trailer first before taking their boat on the road on the way to the water. So the next time you’re planning a cruise, visit a reliable trailer parts store like Champion Trailers to get some replacement components, where needed.

trailer without tears

Wheels and Tires

Of all the trailer parts that you have, the wheels and tires are some of the most vulnerable to wear, and thus, are in need of constant maintenance. To remove the tires, use a lug wrench to remove the lug nuts – then, jack up the trailer and check the wheel hubs. If the studs, bearings and brakes are no longer in good working condition, consider getting them replaced.

Trailer Lights

Trailer lights can be a handful as you may need to check the efficiency of the parts, whether you plan on driving with the trailer attached, or not. You should inspect the brake, turning, running, and clearance lights and make sure they are all satisfactorily operating. You can also save yourself some trouble by installing a light bar that you can easily remove as the trailer gets dunked into the water.

Bearing Buddies

Here’s what writer Jim Smith says about having bearing buddies installed in your trailer’s mechanical system:

“If you don’t have a set of bearing buddies that allow you to lubricate the wheel hearings without disassembling them, install a set. Give them a small shot of waterproof grease before every trip. If a bearing starts to go, you might not hear it and your first warning will be when it collapses and the boat and trailer go crazy at 60 mph. This does not make for a happy day.”

Inspect and Adjust

Throughout the drive to the lake or river, or wherever you choose to dip your boat into, make sure to keep adjusting the trailer coupler, bow safety chain, trailer-lights plug, trailer safety chains, bow-winch strap, and transom straps. Take note of any part that you might think is faulty and be sure to have them replaced.

For optimum safety, everything from your boat trailer’s bearings to the trusty trailer wheel hubs should be in good working condition. Always remember the importance of maintaining your equipment before you leave for a long tow.

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