When a Utility Trailer Parts Upgrade Opens the Door for Your ATVs

Utility trailers are a dime a dozen in the transportation department, and so are their uses. Jerry Garner delves on one such practicality in his contribution for eHow.com:

Haul ATVs

“Using a trailer to haul your ATV is the best way to transport the vehicle. Sure, you could carry it around in the bed of a pickup truck, but it will only be a matter of time before you damage your rear window, and you would be out of luck if you had more than one ATV. For most people, using a trailer is really the only way to go.”

Even loyal Louisiana residents will find good use for an ATV, whether in suburban environments or deep in the country. Title 32 of the Louisiana Statutes mandate title and registering of all ATVs except those purely used for farming purposes. Shoulders on public roads and highways (except interstate highways) are fair game for ATV runners but they cannot be operated on state parks.

If you crave going for the outdoors in an ATV but want to bring it to your destination in one piece, you may tap companies like Champion Trailers LLC to hook up your utility trailer with parts to enable ATV transport capabilities. The first thing to do is to remember how many ATVs you have and want to transport at any time, which will determine the size of the utility trailer you need. Determining full weight and space will be critical, especially when you have to factor the number of ATVs and the trailer systems, such as the brakes.

A utility trailer does allow for customizations to be made, especially when configuring it as an ATV transport rig. Companies like Champion Trailers, in particular, can be consulted about modifications to the trailer to help reduce the hassle of planning the upgrade from top to bottom, such as adding folding ramps to either the back or sides. Your parts seller may recommend stripping the trailer of stock parts and locking in one of several full utility trailer kits, whether your trailer is a single or double-axle affair.

Getting your ATVs to the destination, ready to roll, is just part of the fun. Garner stresses that the trailer should have multiple locations for tie-down strapping for the ATVs to prevent moving around in transit.

Rumbling around the countryside in an ATV does give you a feeling of adventure. Lugging them in a quality trailer enhances their sturdiness.

(Source: How to Use Trailers to Haul ATVs, ehow.com)