Trust Quality: Upgrade Your Trailer with Durable Utility Trailer Parts

Now that you’re a proud owner of a utility trailer, whether from buying a pre-made one or constructing one with one of the many complete utility trailer kits available on the market, you should consider improving it eventually. This is because many of these DIY trailers were designed to meet only the minimum requirements that people require of them, both in safety and in functionality. If you want to get the most out of your trailer, you’ll need to put in some work to make sure it’s up to your standards or more.

Utility Trailer Upgrades

An excellent area for upgrades are the taillights of your trailer. Sometimes, they aren’t even present or are easily broken. The Family Handyman website’s article on upgrading trailers suggest replacing them with LED lights:

Taillights get bounced around, dunked in the lake and soaked with road salt. So it’s no surprise that bulb filaments break and sockets corrode, causing a lot of lighting malfunctions. Sealed LED trailer lights are a brilliant solution.

You shouldn’t stop at lights either. Another component that can be upgraded are the wheels. Your trailer may have started with 8-inch tires but you may want a bigger wheel to support your load. Moreover, you’ll want the right tires; you can’t just use car tires to replace trailer tires, mostly because trailer tires have more steel in their sidewalls to handle heavy cargo. You can also install a spare tire holder so that in case any tire problems pop up along the way, you have a spare tire for it. Remember also that most trailer tires have an operating life of five years, so replace them accordingly.

Another suggested upgrade is to improve your trailer’s brakes. Ensuring your trailer stops on a dime helps prevent accidents, so upgrading your brakes to an electrical braking system should be a simple decision. Simpler and easier to maintain than hydraulic brakes, installing one is just a matter of buying an electric brake kit and following manual instructions.

The upgrades enumerated above are useful and increase the value of your utility trailer. Ensure they are successful by using high-quality utility trailer parts sold by Champion Trailers and other trusted trailer parts suppliers.

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