Trailer Parts News—Inspection Exemption Now a Reality for Trailers

Louisianans no longer have to worry about having their boat trailer inspected, thanks to the recent signing of a new bill that exempts boat trailers from a Louisiana law that requires the periodic and annual inspection of motor vehicles by a Department of Motor Vehicle-certified inspection facility. A report by Patrick Bonin of Louisiana Sportsman reveals some important facts about the signing of the bill, including the reason behind it.

“If it’s been years since you’ve gotten your boat trailer inspected, you’re probably not in any hurry to rush out and get that taken care of while the summer fishing season is in high gear.

Now, thanks to a bill that passed through the state Legislature this session, you won’t have to worry about it all.

House Bill 347, sponsored by Rep. Austin J. Badon Jr. (D-New Orleans) specifically exempts boat trailers from the state law requiring annual trailer inspections.

Gov. Bobby Jindal signed the bill last week, and Badon said the exemption for boat trailers will become official on Aug. 1.

Since relatively few people actually complied with the law anyway, Badon said the state isn’t losing out on much funding by stripping it from the books.

“A lot of people were not doing it, so it didn’t generate that much money,” he said.”

Before you heave a sigh of relief, however, you need to remember two things: First, the bill exempts only boat trailers and not other types of trailers, so if you own an ATV or utility trailer, you still need to have that rig inspected. Second, though you won’t need to take your boat trailer for inspection anymore, know that it doesn’t spare you from the responsibility of taking care of your trailer yourself.

boat trailers to be excempt from annual state inspection sticker requirements

When you’re on the road, highway safety is always top priority, and ensuring that your boat trailer is always in good condition is a crucial investment toward this goal. If you plan on taking your boat for fishing this summer, have your trailer inspected by a professional mechanic first, and replace any worn items immediately with brand-new, top-quality trailer parts.

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(Source: Boat trailers to be exempt from annual state inspection sticker requirements, Louisiana Sportsman, Jun. 10, 2014)

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  1. I just think this is a bunch of nonsense, he exempts boat trailers. But not camping trailers that people pay a lot more money for and are in a lot better condition. I have really had it so the next time I am riding down the road and I see a boat trailer that has no working lights I’m going to get the tag either from the boat or the vehicle pulling it and report them.

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