The Trailer Accessory That’s (Almost) a Necessity: Winches

There are some things that your boat trailer can do without, but winches would not be one we’d recommend leaving behind. Generally used to haul or hold objects into place, winches are widely used and hugely helpful for owners of large vehicles such as trucks, boats, and off-roaders.

How do winches work?

Winches are pulling mechanisms. Their power comes from winding wire around a drum at a steady tension and pace. Depending on the winch and its intended purpose, those two basic elements (the drum and the wire) may come in a variety of materials, sizes, and even shapes. This affects their load and hauling capacity.

Because winches differentiate so widely, we recommend you read your manual closely upon purchase, so that you are aware of any variations in its style and material. Always be sure to check whether or not you’re getting the right winch for the job, or you may be replacing it sooner than you think.

What are its uses?

Whether or not you’re familiar with winches or not, you might be surprised how commonly winches are used. Tow trucks utilize heavy towing winches to pull cars and other vehicles that have had mechanical failures on a road.  Often times, four-wheelers and other off-roading vehicles will use winches to pull themselves out of mud. Truck owners might use a winch to haul stuff onto their bed, making loading faster and easier.

And, of course, boat owners love using winches to help tow their boats!


One thought on “The Trailer Accessory That’s (Almost) a Necessity: Winches

  1. I’ve heard before that winches are necessary for hauling a trailer or boat, but I never really understood why until I read this article. It sounds like a winch could really save you from a disaster later on if you didn’t use one. I want to take my family camping soon, so I’ll have to make sure I have one of these for our trailer.

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