When is it Time to Repack My Bearings?

If you’re new to trailer ownership, you likely don’t know all the ins and outs of trailer maintenance yet. One important pro tip you should be aware of is to regularly repack your bearings.  Trailer bearings are a collection of metallic (usually steel) balls held together by a ring known as the race. This goes on the inner part of the wheel to help it spin smoothly around the axle and decrease friction upon rotation. Without bearings, the wheel and axle will wear out much faster and cause damage to your vehicle.

 To find out if your bearings need to be repacked, jack the trailer up and put a jack stand beneath it. You can tell if you need to repack your bearings by attempting to shake the wheel up and down and side to side. If it moves, this indicates the bearings are bad.
You can either take your trailer to a mechanic and have them repack the bearings for you, or you can attempt it yourself. It is not the easiest process, so we recommend you ask a friend with experience to help you out. You can also use our handy guide.


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