Replacing Trailer Wheel Hubs without Seeking the Help of a Mechanic

Trailers might not have a set of engines on them, given that they’re simply being pulled by a vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that you can dismiss taking care of its own set of wheels, particularly if you plan on bringing along heavy things such as a boat. When taking care of your trailer’s tires, it’s important to be mindful of its hubs, which connect the wheels to the trailer’s axle and facilitate its spinning action.

Wheel Brake.

Improper care of these parts, if they’re not correctly installed or begin to corrode, might cause serious damage to both your trailer and the vehicle, and even the objects you’re carrying. Your trailer’s wheel hubs greatly affect your trailer’s performance, and experts recommend replacing them at least once a year depending on the size of your trailer and the frequency of its use. Replacing trailer wheel hubs might seem like a tall order, but it’s actually easy to do without having to seek the help of a mechanic and spending more on your part.

Removing the Wheel and Wheel Hub

Like replacing a wheel on an ordinary vehicle, you must first remove the wheel hub to be replaced by removing the tires first. Remember to jack up your trailer to make it easier to remove them.

Assembly and Installation

Before sliding the wheel hub into the axle, you must first apply a thin coating of bearing grease on its inside. Putting too much grease isn’t advisable, so apply just enough to help slip them on more easily. You should also remember not to tighten the hub too much; a general rule of thumb is that the hub shouldn’t move more than a quarter inch after the tire is attached. These tips are helpful in avoiding possible problems with your tires in the future.

Wheel Hub Buying Tips

Before worrying about actually replacing your trailer’s wheel hubs, you must first know what type you should buy. First, you should know the number of stud holes that are in the hub, then measure the diameter of the bolt hole, which is where the castle nut will be screwed in to hold everything in place. Finally, you must know both its inner and outer bearing size, which you can easily determine by looking at the reference number engraved on the hub.

More importantly, you must only invest in high-quality trailer wheel hubs, which you can buy from a quality trailer parts store such as Champion Trailers to be assured that these parts will contribute to better performance on your trailer.

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