Repair or Replace: Knowing the Severity of Tire Damage

If you think your trailer tires are damaged, it can be hard to bite the bullet and get them inspected. Damaged tires, however, can be extremely dangerous, and you should know what to do look for when inspecting your trailer tires for abuse.

DO NOT drive your trailer if your tires are compromised. Give them the benefit of the doubt and rest your wheels.

When To Look for Damage

The short answer is: ALWAYS.

  • You should conduct regular checks to look for punctures, cuts, cracks, bulges, bumps, or splits

  • Watch your tread wear and if the tire grooves are worn to the indicators (generally 1.6 mm)

  • Inspect your tires for uneven wear

When to Bring in the Professionals

  • If you hit an object in the road–professional inspection can ensure that it does not have a sudden blowout at a later date

  • If your tires show signs of aforementioned damage (punctures, cuts, cracks, etc.)

  • If rims show any signs of cracking

  • If your treads are worn low or worn unevenly

When to Repair

Repair should be done at your trailer dealer’s or repairman’s discretion. They will know better than you the condition of your tires, and whether or not replacement is a better option. However:

  • Do not repair tires that are worn below 1.6mm

  • Do not repair tires with significant punctures

  • Do not use plugs to repair your tires

The bottom line: follow the advice of your trailer professional, and if you’re uncertain, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Damaged trailer tires are more than just a hazard to the assets on board; they’re a risk to your health and life.


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