What Does Repacking a Bearing Mean?

Chances are that at some point in your trailer ownership, someone will tell a story about “repacking” their bearings or you’ll stumble across the term on the internet and you’ll have to go looking for its meaning.

We’re here to help you define the term and give you a quick how-to on how to tell if you need to do it.

The Definition

Repacking a bearing is the process of removing the parts of the wheel to access, clean, and add more grease to the bearing.

How can I tell if I need to repack it?

If you jack the trailer up and put a jack stand beneath it, you can tell if you need to repack your bearing by attempting to shake the wheel up and down and side to side. If it moves, this indicates the bearings are bad.

How do I repack it?

We have a wonderful and easy-to-follow guide available to you here! Many people prefer to take the trailer (or other wheeled vehicle) to a specialist to have their bearings repacked. Bearings are delicate parts and no one wants to mess it up. Whether you choose to repack them on your own or seek a mechanic, now you know what “repacking” means and if you need to do it.


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