Lube Up! Tips About Greasing Your Bearings

You know your wheel bearings need to be greased, but when? And with what kind? Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about greasing.

What type of grease should I use? It ultimately depends on how your trailer was assembled, so check with your local mechanic first. However, Champion Trailers recommends CRC StaLube Marine Grease. It is is great for boat trailer applications and utility trailer use.  This marine grease is a blue tacky, aluminum complex grease using a highly refined base oil. It has been formulated with a polymer to provide adhesive, non-blend and water wash-out characteristics. It will resist water under the most severe water conditions.  Each 14 oz cartridge will repack a standard 4 or 5 lug trailer hub and is great for grease guns.
What is the best time to check and add grease? Your hubs are often subjected to water infiltration when you launch your boat. This can cause your hot grease to reduce, so add grease to displace the water. Also be sure to monitor hub conditions at each gas stop when towing long distances. Add grease when necessary.
Should I add grease after retrieving my boat? Often, this is not necessary because the trailer has sat at the ramp all day and cooled. However, if you store your trailer more than a few miles from the ramp, you should add grease after retrieving your boat.


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