Inspecting Boat Trailer Parts for Safety: Important Things to Check

As you drive your boat from the shelter of your home, through the highway and into the lake, its safety will hinge on a large part on the reliability of your boat trailer parts. For this reason, you should always see to it that you get your hauling equipment inspected and tested for safety and the necessary repairs. For one, an article in the Practical Fishing Tips blog recommends checking up on the drum brakes:

Once a year you should check your boat trailer brakes to make sure they have enough pad left to work properly. Many boat trailers will have traditional drum brakes while some will have the added stability of disc brakes. Most repairs on brakes will be to replace the pads. In addition, you should routinely check the brake fluid level to make sure you have adequate fluid for the brakes to work properly.

Understand Boat Trailer Parts

Tire Inspection

Check your tires and make sure that they aren’t too worn out or deflated to run properly—check the amount of tread, too little and it means that you should get new ones to be on the safe side. Other indicators that you need to replace your tires are signs of rot, insufficient pressure, or the presence of bubbles or gouges in the rubber.

Trailer Lights

Many boat owners fail to appreciate the value of having functional trailer lights until they get into an accident on the highway at night. Check your warning signals before heading out and replace any busted or worn light. Furthermore, make sure that your signal lights respond to the movement of the trailer.


Ensure that your trailer’s frame and axle aren’t worn or rusted, otherwise they might not be able to efficiently hold your boat in place. Check for any nuts and bolts that might have gotten dislodged as the trailer bounced around on the journey. Inspecting the frame is so important that you should do it as often as you can on long rides.

Hubs and Bearings

Check to see if your trailer comes with bearing protectors which are essentially metal caps that use springs to hold grease down under pressure. This will help eliminate water penetration into the hub when the trailer gets submerged. If not, check your manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning the frame after submersing it.

Should you need any replacement components such as durable trailer brake parts, call up trusted companies like Champion Trailers for help. Don’t take your boat anywhere until you’ve made sure that your trailer is safe enough to transport it back and forth.

(Source: Understand Boat Trailer Parts, Practical Fishing Tips Blog)

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  1. I really liked what you said about checking your trailer lights before any time you take it out. My husband and I have decided to buy a boat, which means not only will we have that to take care of, but that we will have a trailer to maintain. Like you said, tail lights are so important, so it is a very wise decision to make sure those are functioning correctly, before you go too far.

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