Hassle-free Trailering with Proper Maintenance of Boat Trailer Parts

Owning a “trailerable” boat is a great way to experience the joys of sailing. In addition, the ability to trailer your boat allows you to take it off the beaten path into lakes or rivers that do not have a working dock.

However, owning a boat and trailer comes with its own set of responsibilities, such as proper maintenance of all the various boat trailer parts. Failure to fulfill these responsibilities can lead to some very big problems, like having your boat fall off the trailer in the middle of a highway, so they should never be neglected.

five things about boating

An article on News-Press accurately describes several of these responsibilities that trailerable boat owners should always keep in mind. It rightly highlights the importance of maintenance and practicing procedures.

In the maintenance department, boat trailer owners should always make sure that the following are in order before they even leave for a trailering excursion:

  • As with any other vehicle, the tires need to be inflated to the right pressure. Boat trailer tires need special attention because of the amount of weight they carry and the higher amount of air pressure they require.

  • To keep the tires from deteriorating rapidly, proper alignment of the trailer axles should also be checked every few months.

  • Trailer wheel bearings need to be properly greased, otherwise they can seize or completely disintegrate. Enough stories abound of hub assemblies spewing sparks and entire hub assemblies disconnecting from their axels to warrant the special treatment of trailer wheel bearings.

  • The all-important boat trailer winch should be kept in great working condition. This is so that you don’t drive all the way to a distant boat ramp only to discover that you won’t be able to get your boat in or out of the water because the winch is broken.

Remember that if you find yourself in need of any of the above parts, you can always approach a reputable boat trailer parts supplier like Champion Trailers. Ensure the safety of your boat and you will guarantee yourself a grand time on the water.

(Source: Five Things About Boating: Trailering skills, maintenance key to safe boatingNews-Press, January 15, 2014)

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