A Guide to Choosing Utility Trailer Parts and Accessories: On Safety

A utility trailer works for you unlike any other of its kind – it doesn’t just carry one fixture, but rather it can be used for a wide array of loads, from gardening equipment to industrial components, and even some construction materials. You should know though that your utility trailer will be worn down quite easily unless you equip it with some safety accessories, and replace any worn components with brand new utility trailer parts.

how utility trailer accessories work


Trailer lights are invaluable parts of your trailer; even if you don’t plan on driving at night, these handy electronic feature can help you signal a turn or brake, among other uses; there are even lights you can put inside the trailer that helps make it easier for you to find things. You should keep a regular supply of emergency trailer lights just in case.


Buy a lot of tie-down straps that you can secure your cargo with. Unless they’re tied down, your supplies might end up bumping and crashing into each other, and could end up costing you in property damage. Nylon straps and bungee ropes are commonly used for strapping, since they offer excellent flexibility than most.

Tire Pressure Monitors

Writer Christopher Lampton, writing for Howstuffworks.com, recommends tire pressure monitors as another device you shouldn’t do without if you own a utility trailer:

“If one of the tires on your trailer starts losing pressure, you might not know about it until it’s too late. A tire pressure monitor helps you watch changes in the pressure of all your trailer’s tires from the comfort of the tow vehicle’s cabin. Other monitors are available to signal failures in brake lights, changes in tire temperature and problems with the trailer’s batteries.”


Be it for safety or simply as part of emergency preparedness, having a toolbox for your trailer is always a smart idea; you just never know when you’ll need it. You can buy utility trailer kits from distributors like Champion Trailers; when you do, make sure that it has everything you need for a quick trailer fix.

Aside from these safety components, consider also the quality of the parts and accessories you’re about to buy to add to your trailer’s longevity.

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