A Good Trailer Parts Store Helps Ensure Your Compliance on the Road

When traveling with your boat in a trailer, safety is always paramount. However, as Kelly Connelly of Houma Today reports, some proposals are afoot that may have an impact on trailer usage:

Vehicle Trailer

“Louisianians with single-axle and boat trailers won’t have to go through inspections or as much paperwork if bills that cleared the House Transportation, Highways and Public Works Committee Tuesday make their way through the Legislature.

House Bill 316 by Rep. Richie Burford, R-Stonewall, would exempt single-axle trailers from inspection requirements, and House Bill 347 by Rep. Austin Badon, D-New Orleans, would exempt boat trailers from inspections.”

Residents of the great state of Louisiana and even visiting marine enthusiasts may have thoughts about the rules to comply with if they become law. The Bayou State’s Gulf coast location offers ample opportunities to explore hundreds of square miles of swampland and riverine environments. Who wouldn’t pass up a ride crisscrossing Lake Pontchartrain?

However, you can’t get complacent just because exemptions are being touted as the two bills’ selling points. A trusted trailer parts store like Champion Trailers LLC will play its role in keeping you and your investment safe.

Connelly notes that Louisiana is one of 14 states that require annual trailer inspections at stations approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Current inspections end with the issuance of an inspection sticker at a visible part of the trailer, plus the title and registrations. However, Rep Teddy Landry, D-New Iberia, claims that exempting trailers carry the potential for major damage on the road.

It may not be uncommon to encounter trailers with malfunctioning brake or signal lights, or improperly stowed boats on the trailer bed itself. Some motorists may claim a trailer can have floppy hitches and tires, as well as replaced trailer wheel bearings. When asked to explain the rationale for HB 347, Badon states that while the legislation will not require boat trailer owners to pay $20 for the inspection sticker, keeping the boat trailer in good condition was still their responsibility.

Sporting a boat and the trailer to match can help open more adventure opportunities, compliance with federal law accounted for. A parts seller like Champion Trailers is the go-to place to make sure your trailer will be in good condition.

(Source: Bills could change vehicle trailer laws, Houma Today, 18 March 2014)