What Not to Forget: Trailer Tire Oxidation

Oxidation is the damaging of rubber due to exposure to UV radiation, ozone, and pressurized oxygen. Even if you use your trailer very little and your tires don’t wear out, industry professionals still recommend you change your tires every three to five years. Trailers are especially likely to succumb to oxidation rather than the typical tire wear you might find on a car or truck, because they generally are used far less and therefore have their tires replaced less regularly.

To help decrease oxidation:

  • Keep your trailer out of direct sunlight and elements

  • Cover your wheels when not in use

  • Inspect your tires regularly

  • Clean away exhaust build up, as chemicals can cause inner-rubber damage

Increased risk factors for oxidation:

  • Hot temperatures

  • Direct exposure to elements

  • Nearby release of exhaust

Even if your tires look like they’re in great condition, if you’ve owned them for over three years it may be time to talk to a professional about replacing them. Rubber damage might not be visible, but that doesn’t mean that the results of oxidation might not affect their performance or safety.


One thought on “What Not to Forget: Trailer Tire Oxidation

  1. I didn’t realize that your tires could deteriorate even if you were not using the trailer. I think we will store our tires in the garage when we are not using them. I wish we had room for the whole trailer, but until then we’ll at least get the tires out of the sun. Should I have them checked regularly to make sure they are safe to use? thanks for this information!

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