Ensure Your Boating Trips Are Trouble-Free with Trailer Maintenance

If you have regular boating trips in your schedule, your boat trailer is probably doing a lot of heavy lifting. Even reliable boat trailer parts from shops like Champion Trailers are subject to wear-and-tear and you’ll need to do regular maintenance to ensure that they’re working in top form. Here are some of the parts of your boat trailer that need special attention.

Adjusting Tie Down Straps On Boat Trailer


Your trailer’s tires have to support the entire weight of your boat and have to endure the rigors of travel. This is why you should check your tires before each trip to see if they are in good condition; that their air pressure is just right and the tire treads and side walls are thick and not worn out. This is a must to avoid tire blow-outs that could lead to accidents. If necessary, replace worn tires with those particularly made for trailers. Note that trailer tires are different from normal automotive ties, mostly because they are made to be more durable and are meant to handle the heavy weight of boats and other cargo. They also have a tougher side wall, emphasizing sturdiness over a smoother ride, and a lower rolling resistance, decreasing its traction but extending its service life.


Well-maintained boat trailer bearings are another part of ensuring your trailer is in good condition. Ball bearings can be found in your wheels and they ensure that your trailer wheels are functioning properly. Usually packed in the wheel hub with lubricants, ball bearings ensure that you can tow your trailer smoothly and lowers the friction caused by your boat’s weight; without it, your trailer would grind down to a halt due to your boat’s weight. Replace and apply lubricant to these bearings when necessary, especially if they start to become noisy.


Another important part to be aware of are the brakes on your trailer. You’ll want your trailer to stop at the same time as your towing vehicle so as to avoid any accidents. Furthermore, faulty brakes can cause friction in your wheel bearings, resulting in serious and costly damage. Check the brake fluid in your trailer to see if it is at the right level and see to it that the brake lines are not leaking.

The important parts enumerated above need to be checked before and after every trip. Regular maintenance can help you avoid the worries of getting stranded at the side of the road with your boat, as well as ensures that your trailer has a long lifespan.


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