The Do’s and Don’ts to Avoiding Tire Wear and Tear

2016-06-16_0956We all want our trailer tires to have the longest life possible, but some habits are more destructive than others. Here are some tips to extending tire longevity – and increasing the life of your trailer as well.

DO check your tire inflation. Both over-inflating and under-inflating your tears can cause uneven wearing.

DO check your tire alignment. If your tires are misaligned, you may find your trailer veering on the road. Rotate your tires twice a year to help them wear evenly.

DO drive safely. Taking curves too fast will not only put a lot of stress on your vehicle and trailer, but will also cause the front of your tires to wear unevenly.

DON’T leave your trailer exposed to the weather. It goes without saying that the elements can cause damage to your trailer. Moisture and sun are particularly unfriendly to your trailer tires. Protect your trailer with a cover, and inspect your wheels for rust or loose fittings regularly.

DON’T drive over strange objects on the road. Things like rough stones, sharp branches, and nails may puncture your tire tread or cause damage to the hub. Try to avoid them when driving, and be sure to pick up scraps that might be lurking around your storage unit.

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