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Maximizing the Use of Your U-Bolt

Not all U-bolts are  created equal, and treating them as such may shorten their lifespan  and hinder your trailer springs’ effectiveness in the long haul as well. Are you using the right U-bolt for your trailer? Answer these three questions to find out.boat-and-trailer.jpg

Do you have the right bend?

Trailer U-bolts come in different fits, such as the square bend and the round bend. If the U-bolt is only contacting the center or the corners of your spring or hardware instead of the entire piece, you may need to take a look at a different bend. If you have the wrong fit, undue strain may lie on certain parts of your U-bolt, rather than being evenly distributed.

Do you have the right size?

Trailer U-bolts are sized differently to provide maximum clamping force. The diameter of the U-bolt leg, the distance between the legs, and the length of the legs themselves all play a role in how much stress is impacting your U-bolt. View our detailed explanation on how to measure your U-bolt for more information.

Is your U-bolt made to last?

Used U-bolts can rust and threads can become damaged over time. We recommend that you always buy galvanized or stainless steel U-bolts for your trailer for maximum lifespan, and replace them if they wear out. Do not reuse U-bolts, as stress may have damaged them over time and reuse will only further compromise their integrity.


Behind the Numbers: How to Measure Your Trailer U-Bolt

When you’re looking to purchase a U-bolt for your trailer, the size of the product will be listed as something like this:



⅜ X 1 ¾” X4”? What do those numbers mean, and how can I use them to determine the right product for me? You may be asking yourself these questions; we’re here to answer them for you.

Any U-bolt, trailer or otherwise, is measured using these three dimensions:

Diameter of leg X Distance Between Legs X Leg Length*

In this picture, measure A is the Distance Between Legs, and measure B represents Leg Length.

ubolt_smallIn the case of the first product shown in image 1, then the measurements are as follows:

Diameter of Leg = ⅜ “
Distance Between Legs = 1 ¾ “
Leg Length = 4”

*It is important to note that Leg Length is measured from the base of the leg to the inside curve of the bend, not the top of the bend.

Using these three numbers, you will now be able to determine what size U-bolt you currently have in order to replace it. If you are having trouble fitting your trailer U-bolt correctly, you can learn about other characteristics that might be affecting your U-bolt fit, or contact us directly.