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Utility Trailer Parts for Braking: Surge and Electrical Trailer Brakes

Hitting the brakes on a trailer makes for rather complex math. Depending on the type of brake system installed, a trailer’s brakes are only as good as the brakes themselves or those of the vehicle towing it. One thing, however, is simple enough to understand; if your trailer weighs over 3,000 lbs, it’s best to get an independent trailer brake. Continue reading

How You Can Build Utility Trailers from Quality Utility Trailer Parts

Utility trailers are handy for a variety of things; they can be used to haul boats, furniture, building supplies, livestock, and other equipment. There are several types of utility trailers, which may be enclosed or open, large or small, and they can be also styled to match a specific towing vehicle. A WikiHow article provides steps for building a utility trailer.
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Electric Trailer Brakes: Essential Info for Utility Trailer Owners

If you’re new to trailers, then you’d want to be acquainted with essential tools like brake controllers. Such a device sends electrical signals to the trailer brakes whenever you step on those of your towing vehicle and thereby allows you to make a safe stop at the precise time. HowStuffWorks editor John Fuller describes the mechanism of the brake controller as follows:
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A Quick Guide to Properly Greasing All Your Trailer Wheel Bearings

Lubrication affects the life, torque, speed, noise, temperature, and rust prevention of quality trailer wheel bearings; this being the case, whenever a bearing performs under demanding conditions, lubrication becomes crucial. This is where grease comes in; an oil type lubrication that has been enhanced with thickener to prevent oil migration from the lubrication site, it is used when frequent replenishment of lubricant is undesirable or impossible. Most oil types can be used as grease bases which are added to metallic soaps, thickeners, and synthetic fillers.
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