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Trailer Parts News—Inspection Exemption Now a Reality for Trailers

Louisianans no longer have to worry about having their boat trailer inspected, thanks to the recent signing of a new bill that exempts boat trailers from a Louisiana law that requires the periodic and annual inspection of motor vehicles by a Department of Motor Vehicle-certified inspection facility. A report by Patrick Bonin of Louisiana Sportsman reveals some important facts about the signing of the bill, including the reason behind it. Continue reading

How a Trailer Parts Store Can Help in Road Safety & Vehicle Protection

Beyond any doubt, trailer trucks have always served as a significant force behind the American economy. Their dedicated drivers travel for long distances to move important cargo shipments, such as agricultural products and building materials, to supply various industries across the country. Taking trips for extended periods of time means drivers should take extra care in maintaining their rigs. Continue reading

Avoid Accidents, Get Equipped with the Right Trailer Parts for the Job

Trailerable” boats make transporting a vessel from one place to another easy. However, the convenience it provides should not be taken as an excuse to not take the job of trailering a boat seriously. As evidenced by a recent article on the Pittsburgh-based news website, TribLive, accidents— to the chagrin and displeasure of all involved— can occur when the proper precautions are not taken to ensure that the boat is properly secured to the trailer: Continue reading

Growing RV Industry Means More Reasons to Visit a Trailer Parts Store

After a lackluster few years, the RV industry in the US is rolling out (pun intended) better than before, so much that 2014 may be just as promising as the year before. According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, it is expected that RV sales could reach about 335,000 units sold: an 11 percent increase when compared to 2013’s figures. Unfortunately, sales for more “luxurious” trailers and recreational vehicles are expected to remain low, which in turn would have a negative impact for the sales of their spare parts as well.
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