Breaking in DEEMAXX Brakes

You decided you want to get disc brakes for your trailer. Great! Many trailer owners are upgrading from drum to disc brakes for ease of use and inspection. The question now is which brand of brakes to choose. There are many great disc brakes on the market, but one we would like to call your attention to is DEEMAXX.

DEEMAXX is a Texas based company and they are members of both the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers and North American Trailer Dealers Association. We carry their brakes because of their great customer satisfaction.

Demaxx Brakes

DEEMAXX brakes come in 5 or 6 lugs and are available in the vented integral design. They are MAXX coated for optimal corrosion resistance. They passed the SAE J2681 brake test and every brake caliper is tested at 2,000PSI. MAXX coating on the calipers passed Salt Spray Test per ASTM-B-117-09, over 1008 hours with no rust. DEEMAXX’s 5 lug integral hub and rotor is a single cast unit with pressed in idler studs. Since each hub and rotor is cast as a single unit this allows for a smoother overall ride. DEEMAXX’s unique rotor cross section design actively draws cooling air from the rotor interior. The mounting flange for DEEMAXX 5 lug disc brake systems are mounted to the standard 4 hole brake flange and can fit in 13” or larger rims. Each DEEMAXX brake caliper has 120 degree bleed design and instructions for bleeding lasered on the back of the caliper. They are available in wheel or complete kits.

One thought on “Breaking in DEEMAXX Brakes

  1. I have a 27 foot 5th wheel that has a gross vehicle weight of just short of 10,000 pounds. It has a double axial and electric drum brakes. I would love to replace those with disk brakes for obvious reasons. My towing truck has a built in electric brake controller with a variety of settings for electric brakes.

    Do you have disk brakes that work on electric camping trailers. Oh yes these are 5 lug hubs.


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