About Boat Trailer Parts: There’s More to Trailer Tires than You Think

If you own a boat and use it often, chances are you’ll be shopping for trailer tires very soon. Come boating season, your trailer’s tires will get dragged over and across more curbs than most car tires do in their lifetimes. Trailer tires perform a difficult and important task, so when it’s finally time to replace them, be sure to purchase a decent set and care for them well.

11 Things To Know About Boat Trailer Tires

Purchase Considerations

The first thing to understand before you purchase trailer tires from a boat trailer parts supplier is that they are completely different from car tires, which means you should never ever use car tires on your trailer. Trailer tires have no offset like car tires do, which is a necessary feature that allows for the even distribution of the load across a tire’s tread surface.

When it comes to purchasing tires for your boat trailer, Boat US Magazine offers this all-important tip:

A tire’s sidewall is where you learn everything: dimensions, capacities, age, and most important, purpose. A tire made for a boat trailer is going to have “ST” on the sidewall, or the words “Trailer Use Only.” Unlike tires on your car, trailer tires have strengthened sidewalls to handle the weight of a boat, especially when rounding corners.

Trailer tires are either bias ply or radial. Bias-ply sidewalls are stiffer, less expensive than radials, and are preferred if the trailer isn’t used for long trips. If you take long trips, then radials are a better choice because there’s reduced heat buildup as compared to bias ply, greater load capacity, and less road noise. Use all bias ply or all radials; never mix them.

In terms of choices, you have many options. The key is to not scrimp on your trailer tires—be sure to get quality ones. Think of all those boat owners you’ve seen stranded on the side the road—for sure, you don’t want to be one of them. That’s not to say that you should save up for some top-of-the-line, race car standard Michelins, but do keep in mind that cheap, substandard tires can easily ruin a long-planned boating trip.

Where to find quality boat trailer tires?

If you’re looking for boat trailer tires that last, trusted trailer parts suppliers like Champion Trailers has you covered. Their expansive inventory assures they’ll have all the trailer parts you need, from tires, to axles, down to boat trailer bearings and kits.

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