Boat Trailer Axles—Care, Loading Tips, & What to Do In Case of Failure

You’ve spent thousands of dollars and put in so many hours to customize your boat just the way you want it, and now you’re going to load it onto your double-axle trailer and take it somewhere you can show it off. Although loading a boat onto a trailer appears pretty straightforward, it’s easy to make a disastrous mistake if you don’t go about it the right way. offers the following tips on how to properly load your boat—or any other large equipment for that matter—onto your double-axle trailer.

“Load the trailer according to the load capacity of the vehicle. The manufacturer will specify load capacity on the data plate of the trailer or in the owner’s manual. Measure the weight of each item to be loaded.

Load the trailer according to the platform dimensions. For example, a double-axle trailer might have platform dimensions of 13 feet by 3.9 feet. Measure the length and width of each item before loading.

Check the quality of the towing eye and handle for damage. A towing eye is a custom-made stainless steel device used for towing. If the device does not fit your trailer properly or the tow handle is damaged, you may experience problems towing.

Keep enough of the weight forward of the axle center point for a balanced load. Pack the load tightly so shifting does not occur during travel.”

Proper trailer axle care

One of the most debilitating problems of boat transportation is trailer axle failure, as it can present you with an on-the-scene repair challenge. To prevent this type of problem, it’s important that you have your boat trailer axles checked annually. This means taking your trailer to a mechanic who will inspect the axle, repack the bearings, replace any worn parts, or replace the entire axle assembly if need be.

how do i properly load a double-axle trailer

What to do in case of axle failure

If you experience trailer axle failure on the road, pull to a safe place that’s as far from the highway as possible. If you can, take your trailer to a mechanic. If not, contact roadside assistance or a towing company for the needed services.

Should any of your trailer axles need replacing, reputable online sellers like Champion Trailers are your best resource. With their large inventory, they are sure to have the axle—along with any other specific boat trailer parts you may need—in stock.

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