Avoid Accidents, Get Equipped with the Right Trailer Parts for the Job

Trailerable” boats make transporting a vessel from one place to another easy. However, the convenience it provides should not be taken as an excuse to not take the job of trailering a boat seriously. As evidenced by a recent article on the Pittsburgh-based news website, TribLive, accidents— to the chagrin and displeasure of all involved— can occur when the proper precautions are not taken to ensure that the boat is properly secured to the trailer:

“A boat used by the Pittsburgh River Rescue unit fell off its trailer onto Liberty Avenue in the Strip District Thursday afternoon, blocking outbound traffic for about an hour, officials said.

One of the unit’s four boats had to be pulled out of the water due to ice on the Allegheny River and was being taken to the First Vehicle maintenance and storage facility in the Strip around 2 p.m., said Richard Linn, EMS operations chief. Both a winch cable and a rope securing the 30-foot boat to the trailer broke, and it fell onto the roadway near the intersection of Liberty Avenue and 23rd Street. Allegheny County 911 supervisors said lanes of Liberty Avenue were closed for the suddenly landlocked boat for about an hour.”

Accidents, such as the one described above, are entirely avoidable. It is immediately evident from the report that the boat was not properly secured to the trailer. Any experienced boat trailer user would that, not including vital trailer parts like the winch cable, a single rope is insufficient for securing a boat to a trailer. Instead the boat should at least be secured at both the gunwale and transom tie-downs.

rescue boat hits dry land falls off trailer

If your trailer does not yet have the proper tie-downs, then don’t fret, because tie-downs are just some of the quality trailer parts you can get on the Internet right now. Businesses like Champion Trailers have taken to the web to make sure that boat owners can easily find and buy new trailer brake parts, axles, and even winching equipment online.

(Source: Rescue boat hits dry land, falls off trailerTribLive News, January 23, 2014)

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