5 Know-Hows for Winch Maintenance and Care

You’ve invested a lot in your trailer, and you want the longest life from its features that you can get. Daily wear and ordinary circumstances can take a toll on it, however, and knowing how to maintain and care for parts like a winch is important to securing the overall durability of your product.

  1. Know how to respool your wire; kinked line can rapidly wear out

  2. Check your wire frequently for wearing or fraying

  3. Replace wire rope every six months if regularly used – even if it looks intact. Internal damage might not be visible but can be caused with uneven stressing (similar to tire wear)

  4. Lubricate your drum at least once a season (lubricants are often specified in user manuals)

  5. Protect your winch from the elements as much as possible. Sunlight, rain, and snow can all cause damage long term, so even a tarp thrown over your winch is better than nothing at all

One thought on “5 Know-Hows for Winch Maintenance and Care

  1. I’m glad you talked about checking your wire for any wearing. I’ve been thinking about getting a winch for my boat, but I realized I don’t know how to care for one. I can see how checking for fraying and wear would help keep things safe. Thanks for the advice!

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