3 Tips to Maintain your Brakes

No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, one of the most important parts is the brakes. Whether you are biking through a forest trail, or driving a sixteen-wheeler down the highway, you need to be able to stop as quickly as possible in case of emergency. When you’re hauling a trailer, it is even more vital that your brakes are in excellent condition. Not only does your towing vehicle need to have quality brakes, but also the brakes on your trailer need to be well maintained.

Check For Rust and Corrosion
Your trailer brakes regularly come close contact with water (fresh or salt). Even if you have hydraulic brakes, they are still susceptible to rust and corrosion. You should check your brake components on an annual basis. Remove the wheels and hubs and check all parts for rust, corrosion, and wear.

Check Brake Fluid Levels
Brake fluid levels should be checked monthly. Many of the symptoms associated with a brake problem are the result of brake fluid issues.

Washdown Drum Brakes
Also note that drum brakes need more upkeep than disc brakes—they require a freshwater washdown kit to clean the hub drums after being used. Washdown kits are also used to clean the whole boat down at the end of the day. They usually include 2V DC pump with an integral pressure switch, a hose and nozzle, an inline filter, wiring, circuit protection and connectors.


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