3 Things to Know Before Purchasing Replacement Springs for your Trailer

If you’ve decided that your trailer springs need replacing, you may feel intimidated by the next step of purchasing new ones. After all, it’s a big market, and you want your trailer to look and function at its best.

 But there’s hope: replacing the springs on your trailer doesn’t have to be a hard decision to make. Use these three questions to guide you to choosing the right spring for your trailer, no matter the kind.

1.       What kind of spring needs replacing?

Finding out what kind of trailer spring you need is the first thing you need to do, and while it may seem obvious, it may be less so when you hop online to view products on the market. Double Eye, C-Hook, Slipper, Leaf… Don’t be overwhelmed by the variety. Our recommendation is that you always keep the materials that come with your product so that you are able to identify this step easily when your spring needs replacing, but if you haven’t done so, we can help you.

2.       What size spring do I need?

Trailer springs come in different lengths, so knowing the size of the spring you need is important for making the right purchase for replacement. Sometimes lengths can vary by small increments, such as a quarter of an inch, so be sure to be accurate in your measurements, or find the measurement in the materials from your previous purchase.

3.       Are there other considerations required to replace my spring?

Do you need a spring equalizer, or a U-bolt to help with attachment? Should these materials be galvanized or not? These questions should also be taken into consideration when replacing trailer springs, as they will factor into what you need to purchase and whom you’d like to purchase from.

Use these questions to help guide you towards your next purchase. If you need any help identifying any aspect of your spring listed here, you can go here to compare your current trailer springs with our own detailed catalog, or contact our technical support team to help you.

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